An Unknown Life

Unknown City

Markus Legner

You wonder where I live.

Many know Florence but have never been there.

Many have been there but don't know it's hidden corners.

Many don't have ideas at all about Florence. Many don't even know that Firenze is Florence!

So enjoy some sights.

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Although known as the birthplace of Renaissance, it still preserves the memory of the ancient Roman camp where everything begun




Feel the sunset over a sea of red brick roofs dominated by a dome magically suspended in the air

A vintage glass house in a forgotten park cut by a railroad. A yearly plant & flower exhibition turns it into a garden of colors and scents


Abstract geometries dominating the city: a lonely up-hill fort, hosting magical contemporary art exhibits during summertime

A secret garden full of roses, open only when roses blossom, for artists and poets and their sweet inspiration


A rainbow of iris / lilies, the symbol of Florence, with their delicate silk petals in the most spectacular colors, winners of a unique flower contest

Marble stones carved by master hands, till muscles and veins come to life and vibrate of emotions. Feelings that resist for centuries, and greet travelers from all over the world

Canvas painted so magically that ancient and modern emotions come together, make you shiver and change your life. Forever



A romantic tower in a hidden garden, protected behind the last remains of ancient city walls and preserved by a sweet old marchese


A lonely forgotten pool of the lost thermal baths of Florence... who knows them, do they still exist?

Monuments so wonderful like jewel boxes of marble and emeralds, set in the very heart of the city


An ancient bridge carrying tiny houses and shops shining of gold and diamonds, and a river flowing green and grey, reflecting the surrounding feelings.

Throw your ring and you are bound forever

An old barone of lost aristocratic times may let you enter his private gardens and suddenly you have mixed feelings of anger and peace, despair and happiness


Another lonely contessa may let you peek behind her garden walls and show you an ancient garden fountain turned into a pool for her nephews

An astonishing view of the Florentine Arno river, during a rare snowfall.