An Unknown Life

Markus Legner

Unkown Country

I've seen things you wouldn’t imagine, places that only a dream could bear, and if I wouldn't have these pictures, you wouldn’t believe me.

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An ancient village, abandoned and forgotten on top of a rock in the middle of green nowhere, and a quietness so quiet that you could listen to your thoughts


A village born on the edges of a deep gorge, its people constantly living on the verge of a roaring vortex




A hidden corner of African wilderness in the middle of wild industrialization, among highways, airplanes, electric wires and dumps

A farmhouse of ancient origins, and a whole village of Etruscan memory sitting on fragile cliffs of sand that slowly dust away


A green valley crossed with miles of polished pipes, like a gigantic shiny web, like fantastic worms of silver

A place of sun and peace, of flowers and souls, of tears and goodbyes, but also quietness and hope

A unique hostel which hosted pilgrims already centuries ago, a place of fear, hope and spirituality


Slow yet powerful waterfalls that have been formed and shaped by human hands throughout the centuries, and still today they come and go

Stones of clay, earth of clay,  all around fields and hills of clay

An ancient town reaching the sky with its brick towers like medieval skyscraper

White candy jewels lying like a miracle on a meadow green and soft, and an extraordinary tower which doesn't want to stand straight

Woods and trees so ancient and mystic, where past and future meet, transcending your feelings and your worries, leading you into a spiritual ecstasy

A metaphysic journey into the past and into sacred thoughts on top of a mountain pass, where Germans, Italians, Americans soldiers cried and died