An Unknown Life

Markus Legner

Unknown Aliens

Pippi and and other friends… they are not plain animals...

I’m sure they are from another planet!!

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Cats observe us secretly and listen carefully...

This one has no secrets...
“Hey, what are Garfield and Bucky doing together in Florence?!?”

Pippi always finishes my coffee!

“Where are my fried teriyaki mice?”

Picasso and Dalì are hugging and kissing when nobody is watching

Pippi is politically engaged
“I love to boycott Whiskas

Cats always help checking your homework

They know the best shiatsu techniques...

...they know the best feng shui coordinates

...and they know how to be beautifully perfect creatures.

Rar is a computer expert. He knows how to type

...and Pippi is ready to be teletransported back to her planet...

I wonder how they have learned such things...

...and when...?!

Sometime I feel, they know how to hypnotize humans...

They ARE aliens !!